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Choices.  People hoping to qualify for a home loan choose you.  In turn, you want to give them the right rate. This is why we’re proud to introduce GenRATE, the risk-based pricing solution choice.

Following market research and evaluating our customer needs, we view GenRATE as another option as you work with your homebuyers to achieve the dream of homeownership.

Ensuring you have the rates and services you need to close more loans continues to be our focus. Therefore, along with GenRATE, we are maintaining our published rate cards for our lending partners who prefer to utilize this pricing option instead of GenRATE. Please know that Genworth offers competitive rates in both solutions.

Run a quote! 

If you have already joined us on GenRATE, you can run a quote easily. 

Use Rate Express® - simply visit Rate Express and enter your Org ID or associated NMLS#. 

Use your Loan Origination System (LOS) - GenRATE pricing is automatically available for your LOS quotes if you are on GenRATE.

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We've Moved! 

As of February 4, 2019, we have moved our customers to GenRATE.

You will get GenRATE MI rate quotes quickly through: your Loan Origination Systems, Optimal Blue®* or Rate Express®*, our rates and comparison tool.

Please let your Genworth Sales Representative know if you would like to opt-out and remain on Genworth rate cards. Offering MI pricing choices is another way we remain committed to keeping your needs at the forefront of what we do.

*Your ORG ID number needs to be in the Optimal Blue system. Enter your ORG ID and complete the required fields in Rate Express® to ensure you receive GenRATE pricing.
** Genworth’s pipeline clearance process will assist with disclosure issues that may occur due to rate changes by honoring the rate on the quote, provided quote date is < 90 days before the date of the rate change and loan application date is < 90 days of the rate quote. Quote pricing parameters must be the same as pricing parameters at time of loan submission.

GenRATE Benefits!

or rate cards,
you choose

Easy to use

products & services

for individual loans

honored for
90 days**

underwriting 3 years
in a row
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The new Genworth MI Site is ready and waiting. We listened to the experts (you), kept the features you love, and added new functionality to make your day-to-day easier.


Workshops, online homebuyer education course, tips, resources, and some pretty cool material to share.


See why our customers have ranked us Best-in-Class for underwriting services two years in a row.


They trust you to help them buy a home. And you can trust us to protect their sensitive information.


We offer training opportunities to boost your know-how, benefit your bottom line, and serve your borrowers better.


We offer Flow, Per-File Onsite, Per-Day Onsite contract underwriting services. We will deliver superior underwriting quality, get your loans underwritten without delay and provide best-in-class customer service to help you close more loans.


Compared to all MI providers, blind survey results have shown Genworth as the best-in-class underwriting provider two years in a row.


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